Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

So, after a morning of getting back in touch with my dreams, I’m literally shaking from excitement. The more I think about them, I can feel that familiar wave of fear of the unknown. My heart is beating a little harder and faster; my scarf is suddenly too hot for my neck; my head itches (no, it’s not lice!); my thoughts are running so fast that I forgot where I was for a minute; my eyes are opened wider; I suddenly have to pee; and my foot is starting to fall asleep…although that may be because I have my legs crossed.

Earlier this morning, I just wanted to go back to bed; I was pleading with God to send me something to refresh me because I was just “done.” Then came the “little things” that can take over our minds if we’re not careful. Someone cut me off in traffic; I forgot something at home; that person looked at me wrong; and my underwear’s too tight. Despite all the things that are irritating, I knew I had to get myself right with God before I came in contact with other people. So I did and I asked Him to give me some hope and to help me not to just “get through” the day, but to have an awesome day. I always say that I’m “doing awesome,” whether or not my mind really wants to believe that; but if you tell yourself something enough, it becomes your truth.

What does all of this have to do with my dreams…or your dreams? There are many things that paralyze our dreams if we let them; one of the biggest factors is negativity. Like I said before, the longer you tell yourself something, the sooner it becomes your truth. When you think, you think in your own voice, so if you continue to replay the songs of, “I’m never going to be a best-selling author” or “I’m not talented enough to be in Hollywood,” that’s exactly true. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

The other huge factor is fear. Too many people today let their fears talk them out of the life they were supposed to live. Imagine if Abraham Lincoln had let fear of rejection or people disagreeing with him, hold him back; our country would not be the same and many of us would not even be here. Fear can cause negative thoughts and negative thoughts can arouse fear.

I used to be frozen in fear. In fact, I was so afraid of my own dreams that I not only denied myself of them for years, but I pursued other things, under the impression that those other things were what I was supposed to do. I was afraid of the attention my dreams would bring to me; I was afraid of being truly open and honest with myself; I feared the unknown territory that often accompanies great dreams; and I was extremely afraid of taking a risk, whether financially or socially.

One year after I decided to really pursue what I love so much (acting and writing), I sit here a changed person. I’m scared, believe me, but in a good way. I’ve decided to pursue my dreams no matter the cost. I’m scared of one day traveling all over the country doing book signings for my latest novel; of sitting at a computer or notepad and spilling myself; of walking the red carpet at awards shows; of my favorite stars knowing my name; of going to the grocery and kids recognizing me because I was in their favorite movie; I’m terrified of being vulnerable and having no way to retreat. But God gave me these dreams and trusting my Creator is more important than any silly feelings that only deem to hold me back.

So what are you letting hold you back? Decide today that you won’t let fear paralyze your dreams. I promise that even though it will make your heart beat a little faster, the ride is so worth it.

Listening: “Top of the World” – Anthem Lights

Reading: “Hung by the Tongue” – Francis P. Martin


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