Are You a Slave to Negativity?

I was going through my notebook this morning while studying for my upcoming litigation exam (I think I can. I think  I can!) and happened to stumble upon something interesting I wrote down some time ago. I took this from my business communication book from last semester (Business Communication: Building Critical Skills, Locker, Kitty O. and Kaczmarek, Stephen Kyo).

It said, “Negative messages limit the reader’s freedom. People may respond to a limitation of freedom by asserting their freedom in some other arena. Jack W. Brehm calls this phenomenon ‘psychological reactance'” (169).

So even when we don’t realize it, if someone tells us we can’t do something, that makes most of us want to do it, right? In my opinion, that’s true, unless negative is all you’ve heard for a long time; then, it’s easy to be a slave to whatever negative messages are coming your way.

Elanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Even if you’ve heard that a million times, take a moment to think about it. It’s true. Those negative messages you may have been receiving in one form or another (books, music, other people – especially) may have taken you captive until your thoughts circle around those messages, ultimately making you believe that’s as good as it’s going to get.

If this is you, try putting some positive in your life. Go at your own pace. Look at pictures of animals you like; listen to a positive message; celebrate someone’s success (it’ll come back around); do something that reminds you of a fond memory you have. You deserve it!

Trust me, once you start putting some positive in your life, it’ll snowball and change your life!

Love. 🙂


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