Descendant of an American Hero

I’ll bet we all have those times where we dream about the guys on “Genealogy Roadshow” researching and discovering that we’re actually the descendants of Abraham Lincoln or some fancy war hero who saved our country from being taken over by the British waaaaay back in the day. There are times I wish I was descendant from some fancy European royalty that fell off the face of the Earth and then was re-discovered a few hundred years later, to learn that I had actually been the heir of billions of dollars of assets and beautiful castles, gems, treasures, and the like. But, so far nothing like that. However, I’m pretty darn stoked to have learned who I am related to!!

My great, great, great, great (I think only 4 X great) grandfather, William (everyone called him Rowdy) was an awesome dude. He and his cousin, Anthony were fierce guys; seriously, no one messed with them and lived to tell about it. These two were part of Washington’s army during the American Revolution; they fought against Indians, British guys, and whoever got in between them and their goal of claiming the Northwest Territory. When Benedict Arnold betrayed his American cohorts to go fight for the British (really, dude?!?!), Anthony Wayne stepped in and ultimately led the army to victory, signing the Treaty of Greenville. What that means to us now is that our country is what it is, instead of a chunk of it belonging to another country.

Now, I’m not the biggest history buff, so I may have my timeline a little fudged, but my point is that without my 4 X great grandpa and cousin, our country would be very different and wouldn’t be the amazing land it is today. If I ever have those days where I’m feeling weak or unimportant, I remember first all that God has blessed me with and remember that I’m extremely important to Him; but I also remember the long line of warriors and American heroes I came from. That weak sauce seems to disappear.

That is all for my late night rant. This student needs some sleep. Goodnight, world.



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