My First Movie…

Okay, so it was my third. But it was the first one that was not a student film and where I was not an extra.

I recently wrapped scenes for the first film I am in, where I’m not an extra. This is monumental for a girl who truly decided to become an actress after spending years chasing a different career path. Acting makes me happier than I realized I ever could be.

I auditioned for this movie last Fall and found out within a week that I got the part! We have such an amazing and talented cast & crew. The director wrote this psychological thriller and as a fellow writer, I was impressively captivated. Can’t wait till this comes out! Can’t say the name of it yet, but it will be submitted to Sundance. I’m confident it will do so great!

Also, check it out on IMDB. It’s called “Respite Care.” Can’t wait for the Oscar nominations…everyone did an amazing job!!

Below are some pictures from the day I wrapped. Cast wrap-up party coming up and more pictures to follow!


Carrington Rowe (Ashley) and I (Ruby) after wrapping scenes.
Stephonika W. Kaye (Dawn) and I after wrapping scenes. And of course, being goofy!
The light dims at the sight of Ashley…watch “Respite Care” to find out why…
Abbi “doing” Carrington’s hair. This is gonna turn out well lol!

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