The First Day is the Hardest


A few weeks ago, I decided to change my diet, among other things in my life. I’m not morbidly obese or anything, but I want to look like the girl I know inside that I am. That size 6 (or so) girl who garners attention wherever she goes, but doesn’t need it; the girl who doesn’t jiggle when she dances; the girl who is muscular and looks great in  anything she wears; and most of all, the girl who is healthy and feels great.

I am currently a size 12-14. I am 5’6″ and have small enough breasts that I don’t look larger than I actually am. Some would say that size is average. But I look at the scale and picture the number about 60 pounds less than what’s actually there. Before you start to think I’ll be a rack of bones, let me tell you that my whole life, I’ve carried a lot of muscle. I’ve never been weak. I even played coed basketball for 5 years (8th-12th grade)…and I surprised all the boys. Even the coaches. I move well, I move quickly, and I’m graceful about it. So if 12-14 is average, why do I want to lose weight?

For starters, I hate the word average. It’s just an excuse not to get up and do something. But also, I have ancestors who grew to be morbidly obese and died young. I have too much to live for.

Another reason is the way I feel. When I exercise and push myself (whether it be physically or otherwise), I respect myself so much more. Be truthful with yourself. You do too.

I have so many plans and dreams that I can’t do if I’m heavy. One dream is to travel all over Europe, walking a lot of it. My feet will feel like leaving me for another girl if I put them through a life of walking with extra weight.

I’m also an actress. Not for the glory or the money, but for the love of it. While they may sometimes be funny, fat actresses have a harder time being taken seriously.

But this is just my opinion. People are allowed to look however they want. I just know that for me, thin and fit is the way my body needs to be.

So I’ve started eating 2 meals a day from my business. I have an Amway business and they have a line called Body Key by Nutrilite. It’s organic. It’s tasty. It’s filling. Most of all, it’s healthy. I’m training my body. I eat a meal bar in the morning, then have a mid-morning snack. I then have a meal replacement shake (cinnamon, chocolate,  vanilla, or strawberry) at lunch. Then another snack during the mid-afternoon. I get paid to use my own products from my business. Why not get paid to lose weight?

It’s the first day and I feel myself wanting to eat more, but it’s not out of hunger. It’s out of habit. Habits are learned, so I’m learning new ones. Mix in fruit and veggies and a nice, healthy dinner and we’ll see what the next couple of weeks hold.

Drastic results call for drastic action. No holding back. I deserve this.


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