What the Brand?

As a freelance content writer, I’ve had the chance to delve more and more into the interesting world of marketing and branding. There are some brands that no matter how many times they revamp their image, I’m still left with a sour taste in my mouth.

For instance, no matter how hard they try, I doubt I’ll ever really like McDonald’s. Their marketing is genius (sometimes!), like with the “Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese on a sesame seed bun” bit. That came out in the 70s and as a child of the 90s, I’ve even heard that one. But perhaps it’s the poor service I receive there (I’m a customer service snob) or the way the “real” food makes me feel after I eat it. Either way, no shred of marketing genius can convince me to become a loyal McD customer. Although, they do serve some good unsweetened iced tea. I will give them that.

There’s a company local to Dayton, Ohio that offers services for almost any need a homeowner may have, from HVAC repair to extermination. While they do great service (they’ve killed a few creatures with too many legs outside my place before), their commercials lack anything resembling genius. I don’t say this to be critical, but just as a consumer who has noticed. Their tagline is: “Because it’s always something!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m left feeling like they’re upset that there’s always something to fix. Well duh! That’s the nature of owning a home. Things break. They need fixed. We pay you. Put on a smile, shut up, and do the work or I’ll hire someone else who is happy to help.

Now this isn’t their attitude when they do show up. It’s just that to affect the bottom line, a company wants new and potential customers to be under the impression that they’re happy to help. Just my opinion, anyway.

Now…one of my favorite marketing pieces is from the clothing brand, Vineyard Vines. Their tagline is: “Every day should feel this good.”

Hot dawg, I agree!!

Too many people complain about their day before it’s even over, failing to realize the fact that they’re blessed to be alive, they live in a great country (USA – it’s hard to compete with the best!), and that every day holds the possibility for something amazing. If your day is not good, find some joy. Your mind wants it and if you let it find joy, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your day will turn around.

I love luxury car brands. I will own many of their vehicles throughout my life. Before you judge me, don’t. It’s great coming up from seemingly nothing and building something that provides for your family, takes care of your needs and wants.

But what I love about these brands (Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, to name a few) are not specifically a tagline, phrase, or commercials. It’s the feeling. Sit in one of these beautiful machines and you will automatically feel like a new person. You feel more powerful, more cultured, overall better. They’re selling a feeling. A darn good one at that.

Isn’t that what branding is supposed to be?

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One thought on “What the Brand?

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  1. Yes!!! And I agree, “every day should feel this good!”
    I’m taking Blogging 101 and found you through one of my followers that I also follow. She nominated you for the Liebster Award. I hope you accept! It’s hard, but I did it. No one has really accepted my nomination yet….oh well.
    I digress….
    Today’s assignment is to improve my own branding. So if you’re bored and want to help a fellow blogger, check mine out:
    The blog started as my own voice (my husband and I have a travel blog that is both of our voices). My life is really a spiritual journey-so that was my first tag line. Then I realized few wanted to read it (I really want to help people and I’m an encourager) so I changed to “How can I help you?” Flop
    So now I’m at “How can we help each other?” Because that’s what seems to be happening in this course!
    Have you taken it? It’s the best! But I’m not able to really keep up. I took it in July, and now repeating, building on each month. You’d be a hit! Your writing style and topics are great!
    So all that said for what it’s worth! Lol

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