A Little Bit About Me

I’m 27, I love myself and I’m awesome. Now, it sounds a bit conceited, but that’s not how I meant it.

We all have a time in our lives where we don’t really like ourselves; we talk about our shortcomings, saying things like, “IF I were prettier, thinner, more talented, smarter,” etc. Yeah, maybe our talents need developed over time (I’m finding this to be the case as a writer and actress), but that doesn’t mean that we’re not pretty enough, thin enough, talented enough, smart enough…or good enough.

While struggling to find my place in life, my calling, I constantly thought about how I needed to change all these things about myself. I forgot about the fact that I was carefully designed by my Heavenly Father, an Artisan and Craftsman Who spared no small detail. He created me for a special purpose. If you don’t believe in God, take some time and read the Bible, without bias and with an open mind. You’ll see.

Anyway, I love myself because God loves me.

Here are some things about me:

I grew up in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio.

I spent many summers in San Antonio, Texas, visiting my grandparents on my dad’s side.

My dad passed away from a heart attack when I was almost 4.

I went to a private Christian school from Kindergarten through 9th grade, but I found God on my own when I went to public school.

I was almost arrested for stealing at age 15.

I spent a LOT of time in detention and Saturday School from 8th-12th grade due to backtalking the teachers (at private school) and tardies (both private and public school).

I majored in Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Geography and International Studies before choosing Paralegal.

I learn more from life and from successful businesspeople than I do from professors. I have somewhat of a distrust for most professors (until, of course I know that they practice what they preach).

I write books. I’m working on two right now.

I work for a law firm and a newspaper.

I am a freelance copywriter/content writer.

I have my own business through Amway. And yes, it does work. Anyone who says otherwise quit too soon.

I have many acquaintances, but few close friends.

I have a slight obsession with Beverly Hills and the west side of Los Angeles.

I will be a millionaire in a couple of years, maybe sooner.

I plan to have a “home base” but I will live in different cities all over the world for a couple months at a time. Pack lightly, Meggan!

Oh yeah, my name is Meggan. I used to hate it, but I am actually about as fond of it as one person can be with their own name.

I no longer long for things that other people have. I know that if I want something, I can earn it myself.

I am not a democrat, although I have nothing against people who feel they are.

Don’t get into a political discussion with me. My voice gets very deep and the gloves come off.

I do voice overs. I can sound like anyone from a big man to a little tiny girl.

I love roller coasters, leopard print, hummus, fart jokes, and wearing scarves.

I often dream of flying, but because I love heights.

Why I’m on WordPress:

I used to be skeptical about blogs, but I realize that we are in the age now, where opportunities are rich, but mostly so if we’re globally visible. I’m always looking for writing opportunities.

I feel I have some great things to share (I read leadership and personal growth books) and I can help someone out there.

What I hope to accomplish on WordPress:

Make a difference.

Make it a habit to write every day.

This is a sounding board I have where I don’t have to stick to one topic all the time.


6 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

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  1. Hello. I came to stop by after reading your answers on my Q&A post. I was definitely surprised that you can use so many different pitches in your voice. That’s really cool. What were you trying to steal, and why didn’t they end up arresting you? What kind of books are you writing?

    And I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Feel free to decline or accept as you please.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

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