Searching for Euston

One of my favorite memories ever is getting lost in London.

In 2008, I went to Liverpool, England to study abroad. Our class, in which I made some especially good friends who I still keep in touch with, took a train to London for the weekend. Double-decker buses, Buckingham Palaces, interesting pubs, and walks through Notting Hill, where I saw my first Maserati. And fell in love with it…London and the car!

Sometimes in my mind, I run around London, seeing what I can remember.

When we stopped in London, we got off the train at Euston Station. We had to meet back there around 4:00 PM the next day. Easier said than done!

My friend David and I somehow broke off from everyone else to explore London our own way. Nothing super touristy, just simple, fun and unexpected.

Well, in our adventures, trying to navigate our way around, we realized it was coming up on 3:30. Only 30 minutes to get across London and we had only the faintest idea of where we were and how to get to our station. We ran around looking for an active station to take a train over to Euston, but every one we seemed to find was just a dead end. Stairs leading down to an empty platform, dark and desolate.

In life, how many of us are we looking for something, but end up finding a dead end and quit? Most of us.

How many of us keep looking, knowing what we need is out there? Way less.

Perseverance helped David and I that day as we found our station about one minute before our group would have left without us.

Keep at it, whatever it is, and you will find what you’re looking for. Remember that if you quit searching, you’ll never find it. You’re only closer to getting there if you keep moving.

David and I in London :)
David and I in London 🙂

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