Talking Sex…

I was out at a gala last week, talking with some ladies I go to school with. As a paralegal major, it seems that many of my fellow students are not fresh out of high school, but close to, if not, over 30. The majority of us are women. Coming along with that most of the time, are husbands, families, and more life experience.

I’m 27 and in case you haven’t figured out from prior posts, I’m single and waiting to have sex until I’m married. Forget about how difficult it is just holding back my urges, for lack of a better term…but the comments and assumptions of others make it slightly more difficult.

There were six of us sitting at our table and while the other five have their differences from each other, the only thing I have in common with them is the fact that I’m a woman in the legal field.

Anyway, one of the ladies who I’m pretty good buddies with, Mary was talking to me about my last boyfriend, Bob. He and I started dating when Mary and I first had a class together. Mary and I had not had classes together since, so we didn’t get a chance to catch up on boy world. She asked me while sitting at the table what happened with him. I gave her the brief overview, that he flaked off, found it too difficult to date me without having sex with me, and he just disappeared, following his manhood to someone with open legs.

Mary then asked, “What if you’re with a guy you are thinking about marrying him, but don’t know if you’re sexually compatible?”

This is one of my favorite questions to answer. I told her that I’m waiting on God’s best for me. I told her that I trust God so much that I know whoever He has for me will be perfect for me in every way…including sexually.

Mary proceeded to ask me if I’ve done other things. Then she and another classmate, Tina joked about a particular sex act, using a term that I hadn’t heard before. I asked what it meant and they told me.

Then Tina said, “Oh, careful, we don’t want to scare Meggan.”

I chuckled, but told them I knew what they meant, but I just hadn’t heard that term before.

So, really, I was left wondering why people think that just because I’m waiting until marriage to have sex, do they think I don’t know anything about it. Also, what makes them think I’m someone to be laughed at?

I’m very proud of the fact that I’m waiting. I’m learning things about myself, like how much discipline I have in my mind and body; how much heartache I’m saving myself from by not giving that part of me to someone who doesn’t love me enough to marry me; and the kind of man I want to be with for the rest of my life.

If I were throwing myself a pity party, I would be mad at these women. But I remember a principle from middle school: if someone is jealous of something about you, they’ll make fun of you about that thing.

I’m willing to risk a little ridicule from the narrow-minded to get my victory.


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  1. you go girl! im a Christian and I have the same perspective and belief as you have
    A lot of people nowadays believe that PMS is somewhat “acceptable” in our times, but we still have to live as God wants us to live – and that is to stand up on our faith. Preserving yourself before marriage is the best gift you can ever give to your husband, and to yourself as well. And I too believe that God will definitely give you the Best! :)))) great post!

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