No Man Determines my Dreams

It’s so easy to do. You meet a guy who takes your breath away. You start picturing yourself on dates. You think about him at random times throughout the day. You wonder what he’s thinking about at that moment. You also wonder what you would be like as a serious couple; as a married couple.... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is Gonna be so Awesome!!

Heart pounds. Pupils dilate. Muscles tense up. That moment is here. Dayton WordCamp 2016 kicks off tomorrow and this year, I am one of the speakers! I’m so honored! I took a chance when I applied to be a speaker. I love getting out of my comfort zone and speaking in front of a crowd... Continue Reading →

Anne Fontaine on Rodeo…

I try to expand my dream every day. And I want to share it with you. I love fashion, but I forgot how much until I let myself dream again. Now that I am dreaming like a little girl again, I know anything is possible. So, with the power of the internet and imagination, I... Continue Reading →

A Little Dream Shopping :)

I love having nice things! It means even more when you work hard for them. Somewhere along the line, I had forgotten how to dream.  I couldn't picture myself actually owning the things I knew I wanted. But that's all different now. Thanks to some amazing friends who helped me become me again and thanks... Continue Reading →

My First Movie…

Okay, so it was my third. But it was the first one that was not a student film and where I was not an extra. I recently wrapped scenes for the first film I am in, where I'm not an extra. This is monumental for a girl who truly decided to become an actress after... Continue Reading →

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