Hot, but Not Bothered

Whoever said, “go with what you feel,” probably didn’t have this in mind!


To the One That Got Away…But I’m Glad

Dear So and So, I wanted to be the one who when you thought about the rest of your life, was there with you. You were getting married. To someone else. On my birthday.

Talking Sex…

I was out at a gala last week, talking with some ladies I go to school with. As a paralegal major, it seems that many of my fellow students are not fresh out of high school, but close to, if not, over 30. The majority of us are women. Coming along with that most of... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Guy

Some moments stay with you, making you look back and really think. When thinking about what I want in a man, I made a list. Not necessarily a checklist. It was more of a list of things that are non-negotiable. When I originally made my list around the age of 24, I had crafted some... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Junes

My Grandmother (I always called her "G'ma") passed away last week; she went from this life to the eternal one in Heaven. Over the almost 27 years I had with her, I learned a lot. About life. About family. About picking up and starting over again. Her first name was June; my parents named me... Continue Reading →

Virginally Speaking…

27. Waiting for marriage. Difficult? "Bleep" yes!! As a little girl, I thought about the day I married my prince. When I got a little older, I was scared that he would leave because when I was almost 4, I watched my dad ("dada") involuntarily leave this world. I've healed over the years and think... Continue Reading →

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