The Story of Herbert

We weren’t destined to be in each other’s lives forever, but only for a season. A couple of weeks ago, I made a new friend. He’s not the typical kind of friend I open myself up to, but he found his way in to my heart. He’s cute, loves to go new places and see... Continue Reading →


Talking Sex…

I was out at a gala last week, talking with some ladies I go to school with. As a paralegal major, it seems that many of my fellow students are not fresh out of high school, but close to, if not, over 30. The majority of us are women. Coming along with that most of... Continue Reading →

Searching for Euston

One of my favorite memories ever is getting lost in London. In 2008, I went to Liverpool, England to study abroad. Our class, in which I made some especially good friends who I still keep in touch with, took a train to London for the weekend. Double-decker buses, Buckingham Palaces, interesting pubs, and walks through... Continue Reading →

My Mom is Awesome

My mom is awesome for many reasons, not to mention the fact that she raised me by herself (and did a darn good job). This morning, as I was getting ready for the day, we were talking about how it seems that a son or daughter is always mom's baby. I was like, "Mom, I'm... Continue Reading →

Cue the Orchestral Wave…

Just today I heard about what's called the Liebster Award. Thank you to Kristina Van Hoose for nominating me. That's so sweet! So, I want to pay it forward. I love blogging and hope to connect more of us. I'm sure we can all teach each other a lot of awesome things!   Rules Once... Continue Reading →

What to Put in your Author Media Kit

Amazing stuff here for an up-and-coming novelist!! 😀

Lit World Interviews

Having a ready to go press release kit is something every Indie author should have. It’s also a good idea to have it on a static page on your website or/and blog. Rather have everything in one place than have to scramble around when it’s called for. Having it on your website means that anyone who would like to post reviews of your books on their own sites can just grab what they need without the need to try and contact you first. I’m working on my website at the moment so the link here is down, but if you want great examples, just do a Google search of some of your favourite authors.

Include your author photo – a nice size and quality image. Some authors change their photos regularly. Danielle Steel has a new picture of herself in extravagant gowns on the backs of each of her books…

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A Little Bit About Me

I'm 27, I love myself and I'm awesome. Now, it sounds a bit conceited, but that's not how I meant it. We all have a time in our lives where we don't really like ourselves; we talk about our shortcomings, saying things like, "IF I were prettier, thinner, more talented, smarter," etc. Yeah, maybe our... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Make New Friends

Whether you’re starting a new chapter in life; you want to re-vamp your social life; or create a social life, you will always be in situations with new people. You always have a chance to make new friends. Here are six easy and proven ways to make new friends: 1. Be truly interested in other... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Guy

Some moments stay with you, making you look back and really think. When thinking about what I want in a man, I made a list. Not necessarily a checklist. It was more of a list of things that are non-negotiable. When I originally made my list around the age of 24, I had crafted some... Continue Reading →

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