No Man Determines my Dreams

It’s so easy to do. You meet a guy who takes your breath away. You start picturing yourself on dates. You think about him at random times throughout the day. You wonder what he’s thinking about at that moment. You also wonder what you would be like as a serious couple; as a married couple.... Continue Reading →


Reasons to Get Fit This Holiday Season

  My first day back to the gym in God knows how long was today, five days before Thanksgiving. I never meant to stop working out. It just sort of happened. But so did eating junk food. I don’t even like junk food, but when I got so busy with everything and went for convenience... Continue Reading →

Are You a Slave to Negativity?

I was going through my notebook this morning while studying for my upcoming litigation exam (I think I can. I think  I can!) and happened to stumble upon something interesting I wrote down some time ago. I took this from my business communication book from last semester (Business Communication: Building Critical Skills, Locker, Kitty O.... Continue Reading →

Descendant of an American Hero

I'll bet we all have those times where we dream about the guys on "Genealogy Roadshow" researching and discovering that we're actually the descendants of Abraham Lincoln or some fancy war hero who saved our country from being taken over by the British waaaaay back in the day. There are times I wish I was... Continue Reading →

Something of Value

October 12, 2013My mission was unclear. Electronic Engineering (because I wanted to produce music); to Industrial Engineering (because it was the “logical” choice for a writer and wannabe-actress who didn’t believe in her own abilities); to Geography (because I still didn’t believe in myself, but I was good at geography, whatever that means); to International... Continue Reading →

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